3 tips on how to make your portraits with your baby look amazing!

Mom and Dad with newborn baby in white smiling

Are you worried about your pictures with your baby during your newborn session? We have a few simple tips to calm your nerves a bit and hopefully make your newborn session run a little smoother!!

1. Wear very simple clothing such as white tank tops or white T-shirts! To be even more simple have dad go shirtless! This brings most of the focus on the baby and makes your portraits look timeless! 

2. Lets be real, as a mom that just had a baby we know that you are probably sleep deprived and maybe a bit swollen everywhere! A make up artist could do wonders for you! We know that you don't have the time to do your own hair and makeup before the session, so take the extra step and get a hair and makeup artist to make you look gorgeous for those timeless photos!

3. Lastly, still worried about your body after pregnancy? Of course you are that is why I will shoot your family from a high angle in order to use depth of field and angles therefore making anything below your elbow non existent in the photos! See the example below just so see how your images will look! 

newborn baby photo with mom smiling in a white wrap in grand blanc michigan