5 Tips to Making Bridesmaids' Boxes

Bridesmaids can be those backbones when you are in the deepest part of wedding planning. They are the ones that you can call on at 7pm crying because you just can NOT stuff one more envelope and they will be there at 7:30pm with a bottle of wine to stuff all those invitations! So they deserve to feel special when you are about to ask them to take this journey with you!

There are so many different ways to ask your childhood best friends or that college roommate that you can tell everything to because you guys did some CRAZY things together! Here are TOP 5 tricks when making your Bridesmaids' boxes:

1. The most important thing of course is to add something that ASKS them.. Here is one that we thought was cute but you can find so many more on Etsy.com:

Will you be my bridesmaid card by Marrygrams


2. Let's not forget to put something in there that is personal. Whether it is a picture of the two of you or like an inside joke. Something like below is super cute:


3. Next to add is a nice gift whether it is a sweet treat, a small candle, or even a bath bomb!! Here is another cute idea from OneDaintyTulip:

4. Now that you have something pretty lets give them something to DRINK in that cute little cup! A mini bottle of champagne or the little bottles of patron are so cute!! Here is a great way to dress up those champagne bottles from Bodasy Weddings!!!

5. Lastly, Have a cute way to package it and if you can not hand deliver it just make sure you have a way to mail it and then I think you have to skip the ALCOHOL also so just remember that! Of course Pinterest is the best resource for all these amazing things and the LAST thing I want you to remember is HAVE FUN! Don't STRESS over this part you are just getting STARTED!!! Keep easy and FUN!!!