Baby Brody's Newborn Portraits - Grand Blanc, Michigan Newborn Photographer

Mr. Brody sure did make sure work for his GORGEOUS portraits! I always warn parents that babies are going to do what they want to do no matter if we take all the necessary steps to help him sleep during their session. But if they dont fall sleep right away then at least I can get these beautiful wide awake, wide eyed portraits! And who isnt going to fall in love with this little guy. Grand Blanc Michigan newborn photographer, baby, boy, blue, wrapped, newborn, See it isnt always so bad to have them awake in the beginning! This little guy definitely did not want to be messed with though but momma and me were not going to give up and we finally tuckered this little guy right now! Which led to these which his momma will cherish forever! Brody's Newborn PortraitsBrody's Newborn PortraitsBrody's Newborn PortraitsBrody's Newborn Portraits