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10 reasons why you should have a winter wedding- Kaye's Photography

Bride and groom in the winter posing for wedding photos
  1. It’s easier to book a venue.
    Most venues are booked for the spring and summer for months and sometimes years in advance. If you are pressed on time and don’t want to wait, you should book in winter.
  2. You could save a lot of money. Booking a wedding during winter will save you money since it’s a slow season for wedding venues. Most venues are slow and they are willing to give discounts because of this. Almost all wedding vendors are slower during winter months and most could be willing to offer thier services at discouted prices!
  3. Saving time and energy. Most venues are in the spirit of the holidays or just winter in general and they have set decorations for the winter and Holiday season. You don’t need to worry about wasting time and energy to decorate the whole reception hall. Some venues might already have the warm colors ready for you with lighting or décor, wherever you choose you probably won’t need to start from scratch decorating for a Winter Wedding. So save the stress!!
  4. You don’t have to worry about the heat. Some summers bring excessive heat and with heat comes a lot of annoyances to add on top of wedding day stress. As a bride, you don’t want to be sweating like a pig on your special day because your makeup and hair might get ruined and you would just feel dirty. This goes for all the ladies in your bridal party also. Also, for the groom and his groomsmen, they are usually in dress shirts and suits or tuxes and just imagine how uncomfortable they are in that heat. Bottom line, if you want a comfortable wedding day, book a Winter wedding.
  5. It’s original. And what’s not to love about standing out from the crowd. Sure, you know what you’re getting with a summer wedding, but marrying in winter already puts a twist on your big day that people will be sure to remember.
  6. Comfort Food Pot roasts, mac n’ cheese, seafood chowders, roast chicken, mashed potato, warm bread and real butter, apple crumble, washed down with a full-bodied red wine. Who doesn't love an amazing event with some to die for comfort food!! And on the plus side of that no one is trying to fit into a bikini anytime soon so they can all pig out!!
  7. Weather is not an issue Winter weddings give you the chance just to accept the weather for what it is. You don’t need to be checking the weather for that festival outdoor wedding you’ve arranged and need to stay dry for, book an indoor romantic bash and you will leave all those weather stresses behind.
  8. You Get What You Want!
    There are usually more dates available for vendors, churches, photographers, bands, etc. You have more choices and you get what you really want instead of having to work around what dates your dream venue has available.
  9. Have A Destination Wedding!
    A number of warmer locations offer discounts during the winter season too. This way if the cold weather isn't your cup of tea you can head some place warm and save.
  10. Honeymoon!
    A blast of sun in winter – the daddy of all ways to kick off your new life together. There are a number of resorts who offer discounts and better deals during the "off season." Take advantage of these deals and upgrade your romantic honeymoon!
table décor at a winter wedding in grand blanc michigan
groom posing for wedding photos during winter wedding
Bride and groom kissing for wedding pictures during winter wedding