Veronicaa & Tyler - {Detroit Michigan Wedding Photographer}

Meeting both Veronicaa & Tyler was such a treat! They laughed together and you could definitely feel the love between them! Veronicaa really wanted a rustic open field look to her engagement session and doing this in mid April was a bit of a challenge but that just pushed me to be more creative! Everything around us was dead and in a few of the shot poor Veronicaa was still standing in SNOW!!! I mean come on there wasn't much to work with here BUT I pulled into the park and there they were! I am not sure what they were called but the sun was coming down for that lovely golden hour and hitting these wheat looking plants soooo GORGEOUS I was like THERE!!! There it is I am going to put them RIGHT in the middle of those! Right in the middle of a PARKING LOT hahah! Do you think these were taken in the middle of a parking lot?? I bet you don't go have a look! I LOVED THIS SESSION!!! engaged couple in a field, ring shot on wheatengaged couple on a bridge looking at each other