Top 4 Reasons WHY you should consider a First Look...

couple during their first look in detroit michigan on their wedding day

Look... LOOK at that groom. He can't stop looking at his soon to be bride during his planned first look. One thing that we have found in our 5+ years of capturing amazing wedding days are the couples that choose to do a first look have days that go significantly more smooth then the ones that do not. So with that being said we are QUITE partial to first looks BUT we always want to make sure that you are comfortable with it. 

First WHAT IS A FIRST LOOK? I am sure you have been asked this question and I know a lot of people are still not sure what this is... BUT simply put it is asking you are going to see each other BEFORE the ceremony? We know the tradition is you do not see the bride before walking down the aisle but times are changing and these sweet moments are really starting to win people over for numerous reasons.... 


Here are our reasons: 

1. Of course it is more opportunities for portraits...

I am getting this one out of the way because of course as photographers we ALWAYS want more time for more images BUT honestly this does help in your timeline to get ALL of the bridal party images DONE and out of the way BEFORE the ceremony so you can enjoy your COCKTAIL HOUR. Who would have thought that you could honestly enjoy all that food and drinks you paid for. 

2. Calms your nerves

I have heard this time and time again that the bride and groom can settle down and actually remember their ceremony instead of being SO nervous that walking down the aisle is just a big blur. Time and time again we see a weight lifted off our couples shoulders and able to relax the rest of the day. 


3. All the feelings happen again

This is probably our number one objection to a first look. Couples are worried they wont have those feelings when they are coming down the aisle. Well I also myself just got married in Sept of 2016 and did a first look myself and cried like a little girl coming down the aisle along with my soon to be husband! I can attest that the feelings are going to be there AGAIN! You have been dreaming of this moment and you will be like OMG I am finally doing this! 

4. Be Present 

This is an extension off of #2 since your nervous do get the best of you sometimes having a first look I have been told by KP Brides have allowed them to be present at the rest of their wedding. They were able to get past that big event quick but still have an amazing moment with their soon to be and be able to breathe through the rest of the day! 

Now we know this is not for EVERYONE. We will never lead you to do something that you and your groom just are not comfortable with doing but we will suggest it when going through your timeline. Would you like to see how a timeline would be with a first look?? CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PERFECT TIMELINE

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