So Excited to be able... (Michigan Boudoir Photographer)

To share these beautiful images with you! I am absolutely IN LOVE with my boudoir sessions! I absolutely love being able to show regular women that they are BEAUTIFUL! I love to hear “wow that is me?” when I show them a little peak at their portraits (my only sessions where I do). These pictures are special though… this woman has a ton of confidence and you just do not find that anymore in plus size women. If you do, you aren’t going to get them in front of a lens in their most private attire letting you take their picture and sharing it with the world! So this I am thankful for. Why? So that I can show ALL women that it doesn’t matter what size, shape, or age that you are that you can celebrate YOU! That is what these sessions are all about!

I am sure that there are women out there that are like I can’t do this I have 5 more pounds to lose or I have had three children with stretch marks. Well let me tell you something, I am pretty sure every girl that I have had in these sessions have had at least one child and I know that one of the girls had, had twins 14 weeks before the shoot! AMAZING! So whatever your excuse please do not make it hinder the thought that you CAN’T do this! YOU CAN!!!