Rainy Indoor Navy and Grey Royal Park Hotel Wedding | Rochester, Michigan Wedding Photographer | Katelyn + Alex

Going to bed the night before Katelyn and Alex's wedding day, I checked the weather and mentioned to my husband that it is going to be a wet nasty wedding day tomorrow but there is no way I will let that get my bride down. To much of my surprise when I arrived that morning Katelyn could've really cared less about the rain and was just taking in the day! After roaming around the Royal Park Hotel I understood just why! This place was just AMAZING... from the conservatory where the ceremony was going to be held to this amazing entry way where the first look took place! As we started the ceremony the rain was still falling on the glass ceiling in the conservatory just setting the mood for this very romantic wedding. I have never been apart of a wedding though where there was just not a minute in the day where the rain broke and we were able to sneak outside so I pulled the two outside and said we HAVE to capture the rain! They were all for it and we capture some GORGEOUS rainy day wedding shots when the sun went down! So I hope you enjoy this rather large blog post (probably should have split into two but nahhh)