My Wedding Day Detail Styling Kit | Michigan Wedding Photographer


Have you fell in love with other photographers detail images from their weddings?? Have you sat their and said to yourself my clients NEVER have any of that stuff just laying around the bride's getting ready space?? Well they probably didn't have a bride that had that stuff either. They brought it with them in their styling kit!! Once I realized this it was like a little light bulb went off in my head like DUH!!! 

So I decided to create a kit of my own. Once I started carrying this little case of goodies to my weddings, I started to LOVE my detail shots! 


What do I have in this kit??

1. Neutral cloth/fabric: One of the most essential pieces of my kit. This is just a small piece of fabric because I dont know about you but I can never find a white chair or a surface large enough to photograph a full invitation set. This way I can lay out this fabric and not have to worry about finding a neutral area. 
2. 3M Hook: The next most essential piece to the kit. Have you ever seen an image of a wedding dress just hanging from the most perfect spot and you wonder how in the HELL did the photographer get it up there?? Well with this I can hang a dress just about ANYWHERE and not hurt the walls! Here are the ones that I use they look a little more polished: 3M HOOKS.
3. A Ring Box: Now sometimes you just want something pretty to stand up a ring or not have to pose it all the time with on something this is where a fancy ring box comes in handy. There are AMAZING vendors out there like The Mrs. Box but those are pricey though I want one SOO bad so you could start off with one like this ONE and move up to something fancy! 


4. Reflector: Not all the time can you find a super good place for light or sometimes the shadows are just a little more then what you are looking for so I have found THIS mini reflector amazing for these shots and ring shots!! But of course if I ever need something a bit larger I will use a white pillow or even a white dress bag to bounce light back at my subject! 

5. Wooden Hanger: This right here guys is one thing that could hinder your images the most! Nothing like getting to a wedding and doing the dress shots and the bride has her $5,000 dress on a PLASTIC HANGER!!! No publication will take your images if you have an expensive dress on a plastic hanger so we ALWAYS have a simple wooden hanger in the box if we need it! 

6. The Extra Stuff: This stuff is just random things I have put in my box over time. You dont really need it but they help. Like little pieces of ribbon, sheets of scrapbook paper with textures for ring shots, and little rhinestones. Again I just pick up random things I see and throw them in! 

Lastly, something for everything to go in! I bought a scrapbook paper holder that was 12x12 and this has worked pretty well! Here is an example for you! It has a handle for my assistant to be able to hold on to it well and it is durable! We bring it in with us first thing and then she takes it back to the car right after we are done with details!

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