Kristin & Ryan's Wedding - {Victoria Wedding Chapel, Waterford, Michigan}

Let me tell you how BEAUTIFUL the Victoria Wedding Chapel was! This venue is priceless right on the water with a beautiful garden area and also their indoor space is do die for with the chapel in case of rain! The more beautiful thing though is the love that Kristin and Ryan have for each other. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE small intimate weddings and that is exactly what these two had! It was strictly just the people they love and that love them! I mean look at these images! Kristin & Ryan's WeddingKristin & Ryan's WeddingThe other thing I LOVED about this venue is the long aisle to the alter! I could get the front view of Dad walking her down the aisle along with a shot from behind them going down the aisle. I had a blast finding all the angles from this wedding! Also this chapel does an awesome balloon release before the bride and groom exits! Loved this touch! Kristin & Ryan's Wedding

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