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Bride in gown, Bride by treesHave you been dreaming about your wedding gown since you were a little girl and know exactly what you want in a dress or do you have absolutely no idea what your looking for? Finding your dream gown can be stressful. The choices can seem overwhelming for sure. We all know your dress sets the tone for the wedding as a whole, whether it's a grand ballroom affair or a casual beach bash. Plus, with all eyes on you all day and photos that will hang on your wall for a lifetime, of course you want to look dazzling on your big day! Whatever your style may be or the size of your budget here are some tips to saying yes to your dream dress! 1.Do research to find what you like!

Research from anywhere is better than going to your first appointment and being clueless! Explore Pinterest, bridal boutiques online, and even bridal magazines! Create a visual file of your favorite dresses and from there find the similarities of all those to get closer to what your style may be! Whether most of them have open backs or they are halter tops, from lace to tulle, figure out what they all have in common and take that to your first appointment!

2. Shop early!

Most of the time it takes months for you to find that one dress that you fall in love with! Then, many gowns take at least four month to be produced and thats not even factoring in the alterations and accessorizing!

3. Figure out your budget!

As uncomfortable as it is to discuss money with anyone it will save you a huge headache later on! Before your first appointment be very aware of what your budget is! You don't want to try on that dress that you can't live without and it be so far out of your budget that you have to go without it! If someone else is paying, get their maximum budget, so you can choose to stay within that budget or pay the difference yourself to get the dress you want.

4. Make an appointment!

In most bridal stores, the dresses aren't displayed in a way where you can just leaf through them, in fact you usually cannot even tell what they look like at all on the hanger, the way you can in other retail stores. You'll need an appointment so a consultant can help you select dresses and try them on. You will never know if you will like a dress until you actually try it on! Be open about the dresses, even if there are some things you don't like about the dress, this will help you narrow down your specifics!

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5. Shop on a weekday!

Bridal salons are packed on the weekends, meaning that the customer service is not top notch and there are many other brides trying on what could be the dress of your dreams. It's worth using some personal time from work or home to have your appointment on a weekday.

6. Choose your dress crew wisely!

Yes we know you love your mom, your sister, your maid of honor and your 6 bridesmaids but, it is hard enough to get a large group of people to decide on a place to eat, let alone on the dress you will wear on your big day. Narrow your crew down to the few people whose opinions matter the most to you and take them shopping with you! You will be much less stressed and a much happier bride without the mass confusion!

7. Stay true to what you love!

Some of us are push-overs and really love to please others! Please remember that this is YOUR day and your dress! Even though your mom, sister and maid of honor think a dress looks amazing you it's not their day! Stay true to what you love and what you feel is your dream dress!

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8. Walk away if you feel pressure!

A salesperson should never be pushing you to make a decision on the spot if you're unsure. This is the dress you be wearing on one of the most important days of your life! A wedding gown is a very emotional purchase and a very expensive purchase, so if you need more time to decide, take it.


9. Pay attention to the fabric!

Fabric makes a big difference on how a gown will look on you along with silhouette, color, and embellishments.  A heavier, more structured material will hold its shape and make your figure look smooth. Whereas, unstructured silk or filmy chiffon are less flattering for those with curves. If your wedding is in Punta Cana in August, go for lightweight fabrics in breezy styles. You don't want to be sweating it out on the dance floor in a heavy material! Whereas if you're getting hitched in the winter in Michigan, it's all about snow-like sparkle and heavier, lush fabrics like satin or taffeta. You don't want your teeth to be chattering while your saying "I Do".

10. Be 100 percent sure before you say YES!!

This is usually the most expensive garment a woman will wear in her lifetime so make sure it is the one for you! If you are even the least bit unsure move on to other dresses and come back to that one! It can be very helpful even to sleep on it if necessary!

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