Cheryl + Ryan Warner | Frankenmuth Brewery Wedding

I know this might be weird but I had never even been to Frankenmuth other then going to Bronner's before this wedding so it was completely exciting to me! Also the fact that they were getting married at the Frankenmuth Beer Brewery was also the best thing since sliced bread (even though I HATE beer)!! But what a GREAT venue! Unfortunately we had a completely wet week before that so they were worried about it raining so they pulled the wedding indoors but it was still soo beautiful!

I mean what bride doesn't want to be escorted by a horse carriage One great thing about it raining so much the week before was that we had wonderful GREEN grass every where.... including very wet grass. We made due with what we have though and got some gorgeous portraits from it!

These two were sooo in love that I couldn't handle it! Ryan could not take his eyes of this girl and she could not wipe the smile off her face! Thank you Cheryl and Ryan for such a great day!