Can't wait to see his face! - Michigan Bridal Boudoir Photographer

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for your groom on your wedding day?? Well I have it.... Bridal Boudoir portraits! Talk about getting his attention and making think about that night to come ;)!!! Bring your veil, your shoes, the jewelry because then when he sees you coming down the aisle all he is going to think about is those pictures AND again that night he has ahead of him! I want to thank this bride so much for allowing me to share her special pictures with you so you know what to expect! It is an awesome experience to celebrate you for an hour or so and to use those wedding accessories that would normally only be used once and then thrown to the side! So check our this brides portraits.... Please visit the Boudoir section of my website to see other examples along with What to Expect section. Email Kaye's Photography at to book your session!