Absolutely Gorgeous Southern Wedding - Gin Creek Destination Wedding Photographer

I was invited to capture a GORGEOUS wedding in GEORGIA!!! This was my first destination wedding and I absolutely loved it! I was so in love with this venue. It was in the middle of no where and it was perfect!! The venue was Gin Creek, and they have all these separate little cabins for the bride and groom to stay in. And when I say little I don't really mean "little" the brides cabin was GORGEOUS! Just have a look for yourself...


www.kayesphotography.comIsnt that cabin TO DIE for?? I was taking pictures of about everything even the little geckos.

Sara and Ryan Brock weddingSara and Ryan Brock weddingArent these women just gorgeous??  I really need another word because I might repeat myself several times! The getting ready rooms are just to die for! 

Sara and Ryan Brock WeddingSara and Ryan Brock WeddingSo this is just part 1 of this wedding the Ceremony is next! :) Book your destination wedding with Kaye's Photography TODAY at info@kayesphotography.com