6 Tasks for a Bride to Relinquish (along with 1 she NEVER should)


Ok ladies... Wedding planning is some SERIOUS business right?? I know! I just did it myself last year and I thought I had do EVERYTHING myself!!! I was not letting anyone in or letting any of my bridesmaids help me make decisions. I was so OVERWHELMED coming into the home stretch! I knew I just HAD to give up control over some of my duties! The following things are just a few of those that I was able to without freaking out about it!! 

1. Repetitive and Simple Tasks
There are a TON of repetitive tasks that have to be completed during wedding planning for example envelope stuffing, stamp sticking, and place cards to fold. These tasks are PERFECT for a night to get bridesmaids together and have a little bit of wine and knock them out quickly!!! 

2. Have a Day-of Contact Person
There is nothing more frustrating then answering a MILLION questions and phone calls on the day of your wedding because your the only one that knows everything. My advice have a DAY OF coordinator or at least a day of contact person that your vendors will call instead of you! You do need to be able to trust this person so I do believe it should be your mother or MOH and just make sure they have all the information they need.

3. Have an Information Center
The guests of the wedding will ALWAYS have questions whether it is to clarify directions or just verifying hotel accommodations. Have someone be that person or set up a website with all the information so that you can direct them to that person or the website!

4. Transporting bags and belongings
 Make sure one of your bridesmaids know that she is responsible for your bags and belongings. Wedding days get VERY hectic and knowing where all the bags and belongings are when going between the salons, ceremony sites and reception site get overwhelming! Put someone in charge of that! 

5. Family Portrait Organizing
As a wedding photographer the most unorganized part of the day and brides get very flustered because people are running every which way to find people. I always advise KP brides to designate a family member from each side to gather everyone for family portraits. Just make sure that the person knows the family well and has a list of the family members they need.

6. Keeping the Getting Ready Space Tidy
With a bunch of ladies getting ready in usually one hotel room or a small room, the getting ready space tends to get messy very quickly!! Have one person have usually a bridesmaid be aware of how the messy the room is getting and have them tidying the room as you go! 

So this has been all about the tasks that you can delegate out to others so that you can be the BRIDE! That is the one thing you should not RELINQUISH! Take in the whole day. The above 6 things are things that can distract you from being the bride and we do NOT want that! 

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