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Weller's Cariage House in Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Photographer - Samantha and Jason Wedding Day

Samantha has been so excited for this day to come for a while now. When I arrived at the hotel where the girls were getting ready, she had all of her details all set out and you could just tell she had put so much thought into each and every one!! Now she won me over with the gold shoes and GOLD wedding bands because not many couples choose the yellow gold options for bands anymore and we all know I am OBSESSED with gold at this point!! I was in detail heaven as you will see below and ladies this is the amazing portraits that you will receive when you give your photographer time and have put this much time into your wedding day details!

The other thing I loved about Samantha and Jason is they took the time out of their day to do a first look. I have been encouraging all of my couples to start looking into first looks. I know, I know you think that it will take away from the “moment” of seeing her come down the aisle but honestly… IT DOESN’T!! And this is from experience, I just got married myself in September and my husband and I decided to do one so we could knock out a few pictures before the ceremony and it was the best moment of the whole day! It also DIDN’T take away from our “moment”. My husband STILL dropped a tear during the ceremony!!! Brides this takes so much pressure off after the ceremony and breaks up the portraits for the groom if he isn’t a huge picture taker!!!