Babies... oh I could just oh and ahhhh at them all day! Aren't they so precious? They change so much in that first month and I know momma's that you are just trying to get through one day at a time and this is why it is SOOOO important to hire and professional newborn photographer. I will have you come into the studio within 12 days of baby being born so that I can ensure we can capture those squishy little poses and those sweet little details that are going to be a distance memory in just a few months when your little one starts smiling and crawling.


As a full service photographer, it is my passion for you to enjoy your images on your walls or in a heirloom album everyday! Though I know the importance of digital images in this modern world most of the time you are spending several hundred dollars on custom photographing just to have it printed by a non calibrated printer at said convenience store. Does that make sense?