Holly Michigan Newborn Photographer-Lillian's Newborn Session- Kaye's Photography

This family is always so much fun to work with!! We've been with them from their engagement all the way up to now with their newborn baby girl!!! She was so amazing during her baby photo session and barely made a peep!! This family is such a joy to work with and we cannot wait for them to come back for more baby photos of this sweet girl!!

newborn girl in pink posing for baby photos
newborn girl in bucket wrapped in pink posing for baby pictures
newborn in pink holding bear for baby photos
newborn girl in pink posing for baby photos on white rug
newborn girl holding bear on white rug for baby pictures
Daddy dressed in fireman gear with newborn baby girl in fireman hat
Daddy in fireman gear with newborn baby girl in his pocket during baby photos
Newborn girl during baby photos wrapped in green on white blanket
newborn girl on pink rug posing for baby pictures
Newborn girl with hands on chin wrapped in purple for baby photos
Newborn girl in purple posing for professional baby pictures

Flint Newborn Photographer- Cali's Milestones Kayes Photography

One of my favorite things about being a newborn baby photographer is watching all my clients grow right before my eyes!! This little one came to us with her parents who had some amazing baby photo ideas! Daddy is a police officer so we put her in a knitted police uniform with baby aviators and it was absolutely adorable!! For her six month session we went outside and got some great photos during the fall! And for her one year session she came back to the studio so we could put her back into some of the props we used for her newborn session!!! Look at how much she has grown!!! I seriously love comparing photos next to each other to see the certain features that they still have from newborn to age 1!! This is probably one of the funnest parts of my job!! Baby Cali is so precious and so fun to work with and I cannot wait to see you back in the studio soon!!

baby girl in police outfit posing with parents for newborn baby photos
newborn baby girl cuddling a bear posing for professional photos
baby girl posing in bed for newborn baby photos and one year photos
baby posing outside for professional baby pictures
baby girl smiling for one year baby photos
baby girl posing for one year baby pictures on crate
baby girl posing for one year old professional photos